Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The omnipotent

At a given moment, after much long time knowing myself alive, without making a single movement, I don’t know how, but I decided to make some things different. But before telling you those things that I did, allow me to detail what happened before ...... well, actually… before that, anything happened. That is to say, I existed but nothing else did at all. And if only dark was then, I can’t explain myself if I am a shade or light being.The fact is that as I get bored (don’t know why, since, I insist, wasn’t anything and there had never been nothing. It would have to be very customary), happened an experiment to me: to create things, from nothing. What a manner to wake up of my lethargy. I began to catch a light to be able to see what I did, because according to the saying, had to see what I made to see if it were good. As if I, with my infinite power, could not do something good without having to confirm seeing it!Soon, I decided to entertain myself right and left giving life to amuse a short while. I even created the man and his woman. But, as I am omnipotent, I knew everything, so it was like seeing a film that already had seen thousand times and that myself had written it and directed it (although there are some who says that in spite of my enormous power, the humanity can change the course of the story).I have amused so hardly although they are like my children, because I made them to suffer, and to demonstrate their love to me, although I punish them whenever they do not follow my orders. It doesn’t please me that they are free, that they fear to me and that they believe in me is what pleases me, although I allow them to kill each other. In fact, they cannot be free, since I wrote the script.One day, I sent to them my son to be their example in life (from where he came? From the same nothing that all the others things came. I really don’t know). I granted him powers so that he used them in my name, but he perished in the hands of the men. Well, of course that is why I sent him, because therefore I resurrected him, so that they believe in him and in me. But it was useless.They have written much on me. And they say that I inspired them. I think they believe more in their own writings that in my existence.One day I became bored and I moved away. I have known that some of them have denied my single existence because they have not been able to demonstrate that I am alive. Those are too free. I haven’t rid of them because in spite of not being afraid they behave more civilized than those that say they love me.If that is the way they can behave their self, then, it’s better.Sometimes I don’t understand why I did all this. Actually, sometimes I don’t know from where I came or how I arrived here. I am not my own creation, but it seems that nobody brought me to life. I don’t understand or I don’t want to understand. After thinking and thinking about it, I started to doubt my own existence.Maybe I will get down there and stay among those how call their self humanists, to forget my vain creation and the failure of the humankind. I think that if I never return to them and they forget me, they will think more about themselves and how to humanly solve their troubles.Maybe I only dreamed it in this same dream that I have been.

So long humankind!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man with lack of faith?

Many people who are of those who profess a religion and that assures that they know the truth, a truth that does not put on approval without mattering from where it comes, are used to stereotyping the agnostics (actually, the most of them don’t know this adjective). They accuse them of proud, arrogant, and the worse thing according to them, men with lack of faith. But, you can be agnostic and have faith... It is possible to have the highest of the self-esteems and to be continued being humble. It is not necessary to degrade yourself to the authorities to reflect humility.
I, Caesar Medina, declare my self a man of much faith. First, I have faith in myself like in anybody else. I feel able to get wherever it takes by myself, and without requesting to no invisible being to help me, actually, if that being exists, I am sure that he would wait for that of me. I have faith in the others, and I grant my good faith in principle to them, but I apply justice to them as they deserve it, if they mess to me, and I grant the pardon to them if they request it. I have faith in that the humanity surpasses itself and that the best way to obtain it is to begin working in oneself.
I am humble when I see the enormous streets where I live, the enormous city where I walk. I am humble when I see in the maps the size of my country, my continent, my planet. I am humble when I understand and I include that without this tiny planet, that is only 150 million kilometers from a powerful star and close to so many stellar dangers, my life never had occurred. I am humble when I vaguely understand the laws of nature and when they are repeated in any place of the universe. I am humble when I abandon the believe that I am the best species of a spontaneous creation and when I stop thinking that I am the center of the universe and that I am the most important to a superior being.
To have faith is not to satanize to other creeds. To have faith is not to leave the solution of what I fear to a supreme being. To have faith is not to clean my faults with orations or prayers. To have faith is not to wish bad to the fellow that thinks different.
To be humble is not to believe oneself on possession of the truth. To be humble is not to profess love and not to give it. To be humble is not to accept like a fact something that somebody else teaches to you. To be humble is not to allow yourself to be used.
I have faith. Faith in myself over all things. I feel able to help the others with my own resources. I believe in life, I believe in existing, and I believe in making it worth it.
I am humble. Because although I am proud of myself, I can give my life to the fellow. I have already given it to my children and wife, and I will continue doing it.
I feel so great and so brave that the only way to take advantage of it is to give to the world everything what I have.

…and they all drank of it.

Delusions forbidden

This blog is dedicated not only to all the free thinkers but to all those that want to liberate their minds from all the delusions called religion or so… here we go.